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One of the best ways to avoid getting into trouble in the first place with regards to losing car keys in Stirling is to have a spare key. When buying a second hand car in the Stirlingshire area, always ask for the spare key in case either party forgets after purchase.

If this is too late, we can provide a replacement car key in Stirling that works with your existing car's security and ECU.

Damaged Faulty Car Locks in Stirling, Bridge of Allan, Dunblane, Denny

Many people make the mistake of thinking a car lock is broken in Stirlingshire when it’s in fact just frozen! Using a method of heating, such as a hair dryer can fix your 'broken' lock in a minute or two. Call Bobs Locks today on 01786 470 740, or come and visit us @ 17 Upper Crags Stirling, FK8 2DG

Control Stirling, Bridge of Allan, Dunblane, Denny

If your remote alarm is not working in Stirling, stopping you accessing your car, you can try a few things first. Checking the car's battery is a good start but it could also be interference with the radio frequency used by the key's remote. Failing this, the central locking should have a bypass system using the normal metal key to unlock the doors without setting the alarm off. This 'auxiliary entry' system should be explained in the owner's handbook supplied with the car. Bring it Down To us and we will use our advanced diagnostic machines to diagnose and rectify your problems @ 17 Upper Craig’s Stirling.

Losing Car Keys in Stirling, Bridge of Allan, Dunblane, Denny

Be sure to always take your car keys with you whenever stopping for petrol or similar circumstances in Stirling, Bridge of Allan, Dunblane, Denny. It may save you seconds, but could result in an expensive hassle if you need a new key in Stirling. For obvious security reasons, you may have to replace the locks and transponder keys as well as the car's ECU.

It's not just security within the car that is important. Car security in Stirling is so sophisticated now that most thieves need to steal your keys to get the car working .Therefore, make sure your car keys are in a place such as a hidden safe. It is important not to make their 'job' easy as most thieves are opportunist and will give up after a short time, but at the same time remember your life is more important than a car.

Replacement Car Keys

Stirling, Bridge of Allan, Dunblane, Denny

It’s not uncommon to need a replacement car key in Stirling, people lose them all the time and sometimes they simply want a spare. When buying a second-hand car you may only get one key and want spare keys just in case. Using latest technology, we can copy your current car keys for a cost lower than your main dealer.

Introduction to your car keys

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Your car keys are cut by either a computer code, unique pattern or to the locks. In 1995 coded transponder chips were embedded into car keys' plastic body. The chip itself is passive, so does not need a battery. A unique code within the car's ECU (engine management) matches a code held in the key to allow it to start. If the chip is damaged or missing, then your car will not start.

How we can help with replacement car keys

Stirling, Bridge of Allan, Dunblane, Denny

We hold blank keys to suit most vehicles. If you have concerns with your car's security in Stirling, it is no problem to change the locks and car keys appropriately to a different combination, ensuring security. This means that misplaced or stolen car keys are rendered useless for anyone else holding them as they won't be able to get in the car with them due to the old coding.
Bobs Locks can fix broken, damaged or missing transponder keys in Stirling and appropriately re-programme the car's immobiliser and ECU to accept a new unique code. This is the same service as your main dealer, but with the benefit of being less time consuming and less expensive too.

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Emergency response for vehicles locked, keys locked inside or lost. Most work carried out on site using the latest technology in immobiliser key diagnostics, including remote fob programming. We work closely with major national recovery services, as well as local recovery specialists.

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